Yarn that brings you joy.

Joy is what we are all looking for, right?

We do this thing called knitting, which is really just repeating the same couple movements over and over and over and over so that after a long while, we have a finished project.

It’s kind of crazy.  To knit the same stitch or two so many times.  Yet, for whatever reason, we love it.  So we keep doing it because it brings us joy.

And I believe that if you are going to keep repeating those same stitches so extensively, you better have some pretty fantastic yarn.

I’m Sundara and I hand-dye yarn and sell it on the internet to knitters.

Well, really anyone who wants to work with yarn.  But most of my fabulous customers are knitters.

Back in 2006, I was frustrated because I could not find yarn soft enough for my delicate skin and in just the right shade of green. You know, your basic first world problem.

Realizing I needed some self-empowerment, I found the softest yarn spun at the finest mills and came up with some new ways to layer color on yarn.  The result is unbelievably soft yarn that glows like a Monet. 

I knew I couldn’t keep such pretty yarn all to myself, so for 9 years now, I’ve been dyeing the prettiest, softest yarn you can imagine and sending it off to bring joy to knitters all over the world.

If you haven’t tried it yet, why not?

Because even if you aren’t quite as picky about color and your skin isn’t as delicate as mine, surely you deserve to increase the joy in your knitting life.

Just click here and get some for yourself!